A Final Farewell

To the Police – Fire – EMS – Public Works Personnel

of NEWCOM Communications


Almost a decade ago, many of you came together with a vision of building a 9-1-1 center that would be a premier state-of-the-art communication center.  It’s been quite a journey bringing your vision to fruition.

Echoing the words of Ronald Reagan upon leaving the Oval office, “My friends: We did it. We weren't just marking time. We made a difference. It's been quite a journey this decade, and we held together through some stormy seas. And in the end, together, we have reached our destination.”

On Friday, June 24, 2005 NEWCOM Communications will have arrived at its destination as we consolidate with Allegheny County Emergency Communications and become the “north zone.”

Our telecommunicators have worked hard at building a cohesive team; not just willing, but eager to sacrifice personal interest for the welfare of all.   We have become friends and a family, through mutual values, ideals, respect, and devotion. 

We are happy to say that the cohesive bond will not be broken in the transition, as each and every telecommunicator will be making the move to the County Center.*

We have made every attempt over the years to serve you well.  We are proud and honored to have served your communities.  We may be in a different building and a little farther away for some of you, but we pledge to continue with that same level of service and improve where needed. 

We are grateful to our leaders, Brian and Gary, from whom we have learned, and who have instilled in us the many values we will be able to take with us.  They have taught us to have courage and to stand tall, and that is a legacy that far surpasses anything materialistic.

Transitions are never easy, but as we embark on this new journey, we go as a group, looking forward to new challenges and having the opportunity to make the most of what we have, whatever our situation.  We will “grow, wherever we are planted.”

We are grateful for the friendships we forged with your personnel along the way.  We thank you for the support and patience you have afforded us over the years and ask that you continue that during this transition. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with your personnel serving in the military and for their safe return.  We hope you will continue to be blessed with good health and remain safe. 

The Telecommunicators of NEWCOM Communications


Brian L. Melby, Executive Director
Gary J. Thomas, Operations Manager
Melissa Klonowski, Administrative Assistant
Carol Janssen Chuck Perry Leo Worst
Scott Bailey Ed Huerbin Brian Puharic
Dan Barr Rick Hursen Bob Reiger
Craig Bopes Dave John Bob Schmid
Dean Chiaramonte Jeff Kauper Jim Tunstall
George Dietz Al Kohan Jim Young
Jim Doloughty Mark Lovey Paul Yuretich
Maureen Gorman Dave Novak


“Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
we’ll take the best, forget the rest…
And someday we'll find, these were the best of times...” -- Styx




*With the exception of Telecommunicator Dan Barr, who was recently activated for duty in Iraq.  Please keep Dan and his family in your prayers.